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- Gao Xingjian Quotes-

Gao Xingjian
Gao Xingjian
He is a writer of prose, critic, translator, dramatist and artist. A number of his works have been translated into various languages, and today several of his plays are being produced in various parts of the world. He also Gao Xingjian paints in ink and has had some thirty international exhibitions and provides the cover illustrations for his own books.
(1940 - )

What is essential is whether it is perceived and not whether it exists. To exist and yet not to be perceived is the same as not exist.
~ Gao Xingjian
When you use words, you're able to keep your mind alive. Writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.
~ Gao Xingjian
Love is so holy, so confusing. It makes a man anxious, tormented. Love, how can I define it?
~ Gao Xingjian
As a male writer, women are always what men pursue, and their world is always a mystery. So I always tried to present as many views as possible on women's worlds.
~ Gao Xingjian
Observing humans and observing oneself yields a clear-minded starting point for literature.
~ Gao Xingjian
A good man never fights with a woman.
~ Gao Xingjian
They say it only takes an instant to have a dream; a dream can be compressed into hardtack.
~ Gao Xingjian
Realty exists only through experience, and it must be personal experience.
~ Gao Xingjian
Life is probably a tangle of love and hate permanently knotted together.
~ Gao Xingjian
The creature known as man is of course highly intelligent, he‘s capable of manufacturing almost anything from rumours to test-tube babies and yet he destroys two to three species every day .this is the absurdity of man
~ Gao Xingjian
When God talks to humans he doesn’t want humans to hear his voice.
~ Gao Xingjian
Life is fragile, yet to obstinately struggle is natural.
~ Gao Xingjian
For me, writing [was] a question of survival. I could not trust anyone, even my family. The atmosphere was so poisoned. People even in your own family could turn you in.
~ Gao Xingjian
In the history of literature there are many great enduring works which were not published in the lifetimes of the authors. If the authors had not achieved self-affirmation while writing, how could they have continued to write?
~ Gao Xingjian

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