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- Jules Verne Quotes-

Jules Verne
Jules Verne
He was a French writer best known as a pioneering author in science fiction. He predicted the science future of the world. Some of the inventions he imagined were created later in his lifetime, but some are still to be invented. He was popular with all kinds of readers: rich, poor, young, old, scientists, artists and rulers. He wrote over 80 books mostly before 1900 and a few of the things he described were: helicopters, modern weapons, movies with sound, television and rockets. His works are still read as a part of the major literary canon of the latter 20 th and early 21 st centuries.
(1828 - 1905)

Poets are like proverbs: you can always find one to contradict another.
~ Jules Verne
I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.
~ Jules Verne
To describe my despair would be impossible. No words could tell it. I was buried alive, with the prospect before me of dying of hunger and thirst.
~ Jules Verne
The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides.
~ Jules Verne
Everybody knows that the great reversed triangle of land, with its base in the north and its apex in the south, which is called India, embraces fourteen hundred thousand square miles, upon which is spread unequally a population of one hundred and eighty millions of souls.
~ Jules Verne
The Nautilus was piercing the water with its sharp spur, after having accomplished nearly ten thousand leagues in three months and a half, a distance greater than the great circle of the earth. Where were we going now, and what was reserved for the future?
~ Jules Verne
Liberty is worth paying for.
~ Jules Verne
Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.
~ Jules Verne
We cannot prevent equilibrium from producing its effects. We may brave human laws, but we cannot resist natural ones.
~ Jules Verne
We were alone. Where, I could not say, hardly imagine. All was black, and such a dense black that, after some minutes, my eyes had not been able to discern even the faintest glimmer.
~ Jules Verne
An energetic man will succeed where an indolent one would vegetate and inevitably perish.
~ Jules Verne
It is a great misfortune to be alone, my friends; and it must be believed that solitude can quickly destroy reason.
~ Jules Verne
He who is mistaken in an action which he sincerely believes to be right may be an enemy, but retains our esteem.
~ Jules Verne

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There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.
~ Charles Dickens
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
~ George Bernard Shaw

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
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