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How things look on the outside of us depends on how things are on the inside of us.
~ Park Cousins

We think in generalities, but we live in detail.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

It is by sitting down to write every morning that he becomes a writer. Those who do not do this remain amateurs.
~ Gerald Brenan

He was a "how" thinker, not an "if" thinker.
~ Unknown Author

Skill to do comes of doing.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
As is our confidence, so is our capacity.
~ William Hazlitt

Success produces success, just as money produces money.
~ Nicolas de Chamfort

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.
~ Henri Bergson

No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched.
~ George Jean Nathan

Beauty to me is being comfortable in your own skin.
~ Gwyneth Paltrow

Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that ensures the successful outcome of our venture.
~ William James

If you constantly think of illness, you eventually become ill; if you believe yourself to be beautiful, you become so.
~ Shakti Gawain

You have to believe in happiness, or happiness never comes.
~ Douglas Malloch

If you keep on saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet.
~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are beliefs to be transcended.
~ John Lilly

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Whatever the ups and downs of detail within our limited experience, the larger whole is primarily beautiful.
~ Gregory Bateson

The name we give to something shapes our attitude toward it.
~ Katherine Paterson

This I know. This I believe with all my heart. If we want a free and peaceful world, if we want to make the deserts bloom and man grow to greater dignity as a human being- we can do it!
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Failure is impossible.
~ Susan B. Anthony

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.
~ Mary Kay Ash

Life is raw material. We are artisans. We can sculpt our existence into something beautiful, or debase it into ugliness. It's in our hands.
~ Cathy Better

I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not like would have an opposite, which I would like.
~ Coco Chanel

If you look at life one way, there is always cause for alarm.
~ Elizabeth Bowen

Being tall is an advantage, especially in business. People will always remember you. And if you're in a crowd, you'll always have some clean air to breathe.
~ Julia Child

Teenagers travel in droves, packs, swarms. ... To the librarian, they're a gaggle of geese. To the cook, they're a scourge of locusts. To department stores, they're a big beautiful exaltation of larks ... all lovely and loose and jingly.
~ Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend ... when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present-love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature, and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure-the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience heaven on earth.
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Exude happiness and you will feel it back a thousand times.
~ Joan Lunden

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When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.

~ Native American Proverbs
Hope is the physician of each misery.
~ Irish Proverbs

And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.
~ John F. Kennedy
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